2016 Integrated Report

Pelion's growth strategy

Pelion's goal is to consistently solidify its position in the healthcare sector. To meet Patients' and trading partners' expectations Pelion is required to constantly adapt to the changing market conditions, legal regulations and social and economic trends. Regardless of changes in the market environment, Patients and their access to medications they need remain Pelion's top priority.

In its activities, Pelion focuses on development on the markets where the Pelion family is currently active in wholesale, retail sales, sales to hospitals and services to manufacturers.

Our strategy compels us to act responsibly in whatever we do and to strive for rational and sustainable use of resources, which means that when making individual business decisions we must consider not only their economic, but also social and environmental impacts. As a company with more than 26 years of operating history in the healthcare sector, we maintain our commitment to enhancing the quality of life and medical care, stemming from our sense of responsibility for the impacts we make on the world around us. Pelion is guided by ethical values and standards of conduct and serves Patients and society at large, contributing to the ethos of the profession of pharmacist and apothecary, which has never been merely a business venture, but also service for mankind. Despite being future-oriented, Pelion attaches great importance to the ethos of the profession and service and remains deeply rooted in the values established by generations of pharmacists. Without the solid foundations in the form of values stemming from the pharmaceutical heritage, no successful and lasting growth or innovative approach would ever be possible. Therefore, Pelion takes special care of this heritage, both tangible and intangible. While looking for innovative solutions, Pelion builds the culture of openness which promotes cooperation and joint search for even better solutions. This type of thinking involves building relations based on trust both within the organisation and with trading partners. Therefore, Pelion's relations with trading partners rely on transparency, honesty and responsibility. These are the pillars of its CSR strategy for 2016−2018.

Building and implementing a new strategy is a process that requires constant fine-tuning. Pelion is constantly learning and perfecting itself to meet new needs. In the strategy building process, as well as in everyday work, Pelion engages in ongoing dialogue its individual stakeholders, listening to their needs and opinions.

The currently applicable strategy is erected on the following three pillars:

To these pillars are 15 undertakings are assigned, reflecting the most important expectations that Pelion's environment has of the family of Pelion companies and brands.

The CSR Manager, reporting to the Head of Communication Strategy, who in turn reports directly to the Management Board of Pelion S.A., is responsible for the operational implementation of strategy objectives and undertakings. The CSR Manager coordinates the activities carried out at the Company, including those pertaining to stakeholder dialogue and CSR reporting, in cooperation with the personnel responsible for the individual business areas at the Pelion family companies (HR, environmental protection, etc.). Importantly, the communication strategy area is handled by persons responsible for external affairs, investor relations and CSR. The CSR Officer is also the President of the DOZ Fundacja dbam o zdrowie foundation. As a result, initiatives relating to building relations with third parties and CSR projects are managed effectively.

Business and CSR strategies adopted by the Management Board:

Business strategy

CSR strategy