2016 Integrated Report

Sales and financial highlights

In 2016, Pelion posted consolidated revenue of PLN 9,178m, up 8.5% year on year. The market of wholesale distribution to pharmacies, market of wholesale distribution to hospitals in Poland, and sales at pharmacies rose by 5.4%, 1.0% and 6.2%, respectively. The wholesale pharmaceutical market in Lithuania grew at a higher rate (up 7.4%). The Polish companies of the Pelion family sold merchandise almost entirely to customers in Poland. Also the Group’s Lithuanian and UK companies traded on their respective national markets. Their sales accounted for 10% of Pelion’s total revenue.

In the last quarter of 2016, the Group's share in the domestic market of wholesale distribution to pharmacies exceeded 20%. With a market share of approximately 25%, Limedica is at the forefront of the wholesale pharmaceutical distribution market in Lithuania. In the retail segment, the UAB NFG Group has a market share of approximately 24% in terms of the number of operated pharmacies. If partner pharmacies are included, the share is over 35%.

The Group’s offering is addressed to Patients, pharmacies, hospitals and other wholesalers. Similarly to previous years, wholesale accounted for an overwhelming proportion of merchandise sales, representing 68.6% of total revenue, including wholesale to hospitals, which accounted for ca. 18% of Pelion's total turnover.

Total value and structure of the Pelion Group’s sales by operating segment (sales to external customers)
in 2015–2016



Value and structure of the Pelion Group’s sales of merchandise and materials by product group in 2015–2016


The entire Group generated gross profit of PLN 1.1bn, up 7.4% on 2015.

Key items of the consolidated statement of profit or loss of the Pelion Group in 2015–2016

* Including share in losses of associates and joint ventures accounted for with the equity method.


Profitability and cost ratios of Pelion Group in 2015 -2016

-0.2 p.p.
0 p.p.
-0.2 p.p.
-0.2 p.p.
-0.9 p.p.
-0.9 p.p.
-1 p.p.
-0.9 p.p.

EBIT margin = operating profit / revenue

EBITDA margin = EBITDA / revenue

Pre-tax margin = pre-tax profit / revenue

Net margin = net profit / revenue