2016 Integrated Report

Openness to dialogue

Effective stakeholder dialogue based on openness, sincerity and trust, which is the foundation of our business, always serves to enhance mutual relations. Through ongoing dialogue with various stakeholder groups, we gain much needed knowledge, learn to understand each other and develop values important to all parties concerned. It is vitally important to identify key stakeholders, which is why we focused carefully on the task. The map of Pelion stakeholders was developed concurrently with the CSR Strategy in 2012, defining the nature of mutual relations, risks involved and goals to be achieved. The identification process involved all Pelion companies. The strategy development team comprising employees in different job positions within the organisation keep tracking market developments, newly enacted regulations and market environment, regularly reviewing the stakeholder map.

Responsibility for the dialogue lies with the Head of Communication Strategy and HR Department, i.e. the unit in charge of internal communication with staff. Communication with the investor community and maintenance of good investor relations are the responsibility of the IR Department.