2016 Integrated Report

Innovation and development

We implement innovations

Innovative R&D projects

The most interesting of our R&D projects are carried out by Pharmena S.A. In 2016, the company continued the research aimed at registering and marketing TRIA-662, an innovative pharmaceutical drug, in the United States and Canada. In Pelion's opinion, the drug can make a difference in the treatment of dyslipidemia, an ASVD-related condition characterised by an abnormal lipid profile.

Pharmena S.A.'s partners:

Montreal Heart Institute

Torreya Partners

Pharmena S.A.'s partners:

  • Montreal Heart Institute – one of the world's largest and leading cardiology R&D centres.
  • Torreya Partners – a top advisory firm in the biotechnological sector with a global presence and a track record of more than 100 successful mergers, acquisitions, and licensing transactions.

TRIA-662 contains a natural substance which has revealed potential for successful treatment of the condition without the side effects produced by other pharmaceuticals currently on the market. The renowned research agency Windhover included the project in the global list of 10 most promising projects in the area of fighting cardiovascular diseases.

In 2016, Pharmena S.A. released key information related to the results of phase 2 clinical trials for 1-MNA, an innovative antiatherosclerotic drug (physiological substance of natural origin: brown algae). The results confirmed the antiatherosclerotic and anti-inflammatory effect of 1-MNA. The trials also identified no significant side effects in the group of Patients receiving 1-MNA. Pharmena owns and has applied for patents ensuring worldwide protection of 1-MNA, including its oral and skin (dermocosmetics) applications.

Based on the test results, Pharmena S.A. developed research programmes covering heart and vascular diseases (global market valued at several dozen billion US dollars) and rheumatoid arthritis (global market valued at several dozen billion US dollars).

Product and marketing innovations

With approximately 500,000 plans sold to date, our drug insurance has proven to be a breakthrough product in the healthcare market. It is recognised by approximately 6,000 pharmacies across Poland. Another one of our product innovations is the Health Gift Card, accepted by close to 5,000 retailers in Poland, including pharmacies, medical centres, sports and rehabilitations centres, and SPAs.

Other useful innovative solutions rolled out by Pelion with Patients in mind include the e-zamówienia and m-zamówienia online platforms enabling easy and convenient ordering of drugs, a medical knowledge website combining content with a social medium, and the COGNINET brain diagnostics and preventive brain care programme. Other solutions include a safe and tight system for distribution of pharmaceuticals to Patients, complete with a unique order picking line.

Capital investment

In 2016, Pelion companies' capital expenditure amounted to close to PLN 60m, with construction and building modernisation projects, including in particular the development of the Łódź logistics centre, accounting for the largest portion of that sum. In 2017, CAPEX is planned to increase to approximately PLN 120m and will be mostly used to fund the development and modernisation of our logistics infrastructure, modernisation of our buildings and facilities, and purchase of IT hardware and software.

We build relationships with the world of science and harness scientific advances

The Pelion family is a forum where different communities can come together, including academics and pharmacists, i.e. industry practitioners who come in contact with Patients on a daily basis. Symposia and periodicals sponsored by Pelion companies provide an excellent vehicle for promoting the latest scientific discoveries, which encourages researchers to engage in projects which are aimed at producing practical results and which may translate into actual, tangible innovations.

The origins of Pharmena S.A. represent a good example how ideas are commercialised. The company was founded in November 2002 by scientists from the Łódź University of Technology and the Medical University of Łódź. It commenced operations in January 2003 to launch its first proprietary products into the Polish market and partner with Polska Grupa Farmaceutyczna S.A. as its strategic investor in May and August of the same year respectively. The marketing of innovative formulations, patent-protected in more than a dozen countries, was the culmination of years of cooperation between the Łódź University of Technology and the Medical University of Łódź. Having joined the group which now forms the Pelion family, the company was able to grasp a broad spectrum of new opportunities. Today, Pharmena carries out advanced, innovative research in Poland and beyond. The renowned research agency Windhover included Pharmena's project in the global list of 10 most promising projects in the area of fighting cardiovascular diseases.

We educate people in the medical and pharmaceutical industries

The ‘Farmakoekonomika Szpitalna’ quarterly, issued by Urtica S.A. for hospital pharmacists, is a source of specialist knowledge edited by scientists and hospital pharmacy experts, who cooperate with universities from across Poland to ensure a proper level of scientific rigour and objectivism. What is more, congresses held by Polska Grupa Farmaceutyczna S.A. and the DOZ Forum offer attending pharmacists an opportunity to decide on the subjects of training they want to receive. Participants gain valuable insight into the latest market trends and the possibilities presented by modern pharmacy. In the Responsible Business Forum's ‘Responsible Business in Poland 2016’ report, experts recognised the initiative to issue a professional quarterly as a good and exemplary business practice.

With its business partners in mind, Polska Grupa Farmaceutyczna S.A. created the ‘Bez Recepty’ magazine (renamed ‘Recepta.pl’ in 2017), which covers the latest developments on the pharmaceutical market and offers practical advice on finance, pharmacy management, law, etc. It is an approachable and useful guide allowing pharmacy owners and employees alike to stay up to date with the changing pharmaceutical market and gain practical knowledge necessary to run a business.

The ‘Farmakoekonomika Szpitalna’ magazine is a valuable source of current knowledge used by hospital and clinical pharmacists in their daily work.

Magdalena Markowicz-Piasecka, Doctor of Pharmacy Medical University of Łódź

Magdalena Markowicz-Piasecka, Doctor of Pharmacy, Medical University of Łódź

The‘Farmakoekonomika Szpitalna’ magazine is a valuable source of current knowledge used by hospital and clinical pharmacists in their daily work. The magazine is divided into five sections. The Pharmacoeconomics section provides data and information on economic burdens of treating many diseases. The Pharmacotherapy section features articles containing most recent information and guidelines on treatment of various health problems. The Hospital Pharmacy section discusses issues of importance to hospital pharmacists, including therapeutic recommendations or latest guidelines on drug-related technology. Another important part of the magazine contains drug safety communications, frequently sourced directly from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

To sum up, the‘Farmakoekonomika Szpitalna’ is truly unique and indispensable in pharmacists’ daily work.